The Sturgeon figurehead of migratory fish

The Sturgeon

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The European Atlantic sturgeon is the largest fish that belongs in the Netherlands. Previously, the sturgeon was generally present in all the great rivers of Western Europe, but it died out almost everywhere due to water pollution, overfishing, dams and river corrections. By now, the quality of the water had improved, but the sturgeon is very selective. If he makes it, the rivers will also be suitable for other migratory fish. Various fish eaters benefit from a healthy migratory fish population. The sturgeon is a protected species and must therefore be released after capture as soon as possible. Please report to research institute Wageningen Marine Research or via

The sturgeon can become 3 meters long and then weighs 300 kilos. Sturgeons from the Gironde also visit the North Sea. A breeding programma with the last population of European sturgeons from the French river Gironde supplies sturgeons for reintroduction in the Gironde, Elbe and Rhine. Sturgeons that are released into the Elbe eventually also reach the North Sea. The Rhine has 16 types of migratory fish, that must be able to swim between fresh and salt water for their reproduction. They do this the entire year, which is why the Rhine must be in open connection with the North Sea permanently. They are bothered by barrages and locks, among others. Holding the Haringvliet dam ajar gives migratory fish a new chance. This way, the North Sea is connected better to the Rhine and Meuse.